T E R I   D I A M O N D

In Teri's Kitchen

"Encouraging people to eat healthier without compromising flavor. "

To me food is a celebration. It’s about family and friends coming together to share not only sustenance, but also a connection to each other. My earliest memories of comfort food come from visiting my grandmother,
Mama Todd, in her home, as she always prepared feasts with fresh vegetables from her garden.

My cousin, Suzanne, and I were often given the task of shelling peas and shucking corn, much to our dismay. I did not have an appreciation for her garden then, but as I harvest my own garden today, I wonder if she is smiling down on me, knowing that she made a difference. It is through her that I carry on the tradition of cooking as a way of expressing love and gratitude for the people who have touched my life.

Twenty one of Teri's dishes were featured at Bronte Bistro Cafe in Nashville.